Seneye Spectra

Submersible Single Nanometer Spectrometer

Light = food

Light energy equals up to 95% of a coral/plant's growth requirements, therefore, it's a hugely important part of their growth strategy!

As aquarists we look after every aspect of a fish’s home. We set the temperature just right, make sure the food we use has the right nutrients, so why not keep a closer eye on your lights? Seneye is well known for our nifty monitoring devices and the reef device does already comes with a PAR meter but we have taken it one step further and produced the Royles Royce of light meters, the seneye spectra.

Precision measurement of all light parameters

Get Light Right
Our new Spectra device builds on our reputation for delivering accurate underwater light measurement. Not only PAR but more importantly spectrum. The Seneye Spectra can be used underwater and delivers spectrum data to 1nm precision!

Biologically Optimise your Lighting

Give the light your animals need
For many corals, light energy is the most important part of their growth strategy, with many depending on light for upto 95% of their energy requirements. The Seneye Spectra will give you the following:

  • Nanospectrometer device with a 400nm - 730nm range and 1nm resolution. Fitted with a cosine corrector and fully submersible.
  • Software application for viewing spectral readings and understanding what this means for your target biological environment.
  • Displays for PAR, PUR, kelvin and colour average.
  • Choose coral, plant or animal species to check ideal placement and spectrum.
  • Data logging and export.
  • Factory customisable spectral response curve analysis.

Perfect for all aquatic environments

Spectra Software Suite

Slick User Interface
Installation and setup takes just a couple of minutes, with or without the internet. Our software comes on a handy USB drive and can be updated over the internet at any time. You'll be able to take professional measurements in no time at all on-site, in store or at home with a laptop or windows tablet with a USB port.

Windows PC without internet connectivity running Windows 8, 10 32/64bit

Easily View All Parameters

Select the spectral response curve of the desired pigment, change the lights settings to suit, then select the species of coral or plant to ensure suitability of its placement. As our user base grows, as will our species data as we can incorporate additional response curves and optimal PUR settings.


Spectra has been built to withstand the elements and is fully corrosion proof
with a replaceable cosine corrector

Get Growing!

Available to purchase or rent from retail stores
Our flexible sales options allow users to purchase a Spectra completely or rent directly from the retail store for initial light setup. Contact us now for more information.

Get in touch

Customisation available!
Hand built, coded and calibrated by Seneye in the UK - Spectra can be used in and out of water, providing comprehensive lighting measurements for many different applications in an easy to understand format and user interface. We can customise the software and response curves for your specific application and requirements. Want to add a species or response curve for a specific application such as industry, horticulture, agriculture, scientific research?
No problem. Contact us with your requirements.